Smart Switch
Individual Project | Interaction Design

Smart Switch
Individual Project | Interaction Design

Quick Facts:


Interaction designer


Fall, 2013 (1 week)


Energy-saving switch industrial provider
(51-725: Basic Interaction Design)


Interaction design, Industrial/product design, Communication design





Quick Facts:

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Project overview: The goal is to explore any of the problematic contexts in our daily life, looking for real world controls that should be improved and actually suggest on improving it with more interaction design rules reinforced.

One challenge of this project is to ideate the problem as well as the solutions. I explored around 15+ ideas regarding both in-door and out-door controls at first, and I found that they are mostly electricity-heavy using digital computation or just simply relies on consuming electricity. So I think of why not redesign the control that has most frequent dependency on electricity resources, namely the light switch, and try if I can solve the design issues as well as bringing in the energy saving initiatives.


  • Specified current context of control redesign
  • Framed existing problem of the old control design
  • Redesigned the control with illustrations
  • Analyzed design solution based on interaction design practice rules
  • Walked through user scenarios to look into values added for the audience from the redesigned work