Route To School
Individual Project | Visual Design

Route To School
Individual Project | Visual Design

Quick Facts:


Visual designer


Spring, 2014 (2 weeks)


(51-731: Mapping & Diagramming at CMU)


Visual & Communication design


Illustrator, Photoshop


Quick print piece

Quick Facts:

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This is a two-week course project of the class “Mapping and Diagramming” taught by Karen Moyer at Carnegie Mellon, School of Design. The intended context of the project goal is to provide a map that can communicate certain meanings instead of words, to an familiar audience (like a friend) coming to visit late at night.

Imagine a friend shows up at your house unexpectedly looking to spend the night. You don’t have time to speak with them, but you want to meet them for lunch the following day.

That’s the scenario Prof. Moyer gave us to design for with this quick print piece.

I designed a simple map that my friend Edison could hold in front of him as he walks or takes a bus, referring it as he walk along the roads.

One of the early versions:

Final version:

I developed four versions below (one version after another) for this task. During this process, I made decisions along the way and shared each other’s critics with classmates from the design class. Things I had deal with includes audience/user needs, striving to bring in the right amount of information, typographic hierarchy, type and images relationships, the flow of information, and visual communication variables such as the color palette, hue, saturation, texture, tone (the friendlier, the better!), position, and orientation.

Designs evolving as rendered below:

And the 4th version is a polished version with some visual tweaks of the 3rd.