Mobile-First Collection for Amazon Retail
Projects from Work | UX, Product Design

Mobile-First Collection for Amazon Retail
Projects from Work | UX, Product Design



This collection includes projects I drove with mobile-first initiative in Amazon to innovate on and perfect online shopping experience, with topics that have a broad spectrum: helping customers browse & discover products in various buying scenarios, a marketplace service platform for startups to grow, empowering personalized gifting with customer’s own video footage, internal/vendor facing compatibility data relationship management portal, and a post-purchase customer journey to support the sense of a long-term ownership for Amazon shoppers.

Shop by collections

Interaction Designer

Oct. 2015 – Mar. 2016

(current status) V1.0 in launch weblab, for both mobile & desktop experience

Customer Problem

  • No current ways on amazon to find products that aesthetically belong together, instead of just look piece by piece by searching on the name
  • Time consuming & too much effort to confidently (need to guess on the titles) shop products in a brand collection together
  • Lack of cohesive brand/sub-brand store experience to gracefully show & help customers browse product lines under their trusted brand

Mobile/App first value proposition

  • Drive collection products conversion on mobile and increase basket value
  • Stella customer experience: elegant, engaging, frictionless, smooth, and Amazon UI voice compliant

User needs:

  • Need to combine related purchases for items belong to the designated collection
  • Need to browse spectrum of products in collection
  • Need to be flexible in picking items and quickly un-select or specify quantities
  • Need to quickly sneak peak details to inform purchase decision and pick up from where it was left to continue choosing products
  • Need to complete task without leaving the experience



Below are some snapshots of related design explorations, which I thought can be compelling.


Services Hub, for Amazon Launchpad startups


Product Designer

Jan. 2016 – Mar. 2016

(current status) V1.0 launched with desktop and mobile approaching development complete


Amazon Launchpad is a program for startups to launch new products and get them discovered on It essentially started as the “Buy” button for new businesses to promote and connect to customers easier, but as startups really seek to grow, the flywheel of Amazon need to go beyond just the “buy” partnership and really helps all around the success of its startup partners. This flywheel will promote a more sustainable win-win situation for Amazon as a platform to keep the best interests of both its partner startup customers and the shopping consumers. Services Hub, the product I designed from scratch, started the direction to spread the value to customers in a marketplace platform level.

To have a proof of concepts, I worked with my business partners in the Amazon Launchpad program to define what v1.0 of Services Hub can be. I took a mobile-first approach to demonstrate the design thinking with our tenets at heart, and fast prototyped and tested several proposals so it’s clearer after each iteration what should be really prioritized and be excellent in our v1 release.

The design generated from concept sketches, low-fi wireframes, guerrilla user testing with startup customers, modifying ideations and combining alternatives, responsive design, and visual/branding design completed together with my other projects at that time within 3-month. The desktop experience v1 is currently launched and is gaining traction among Launchpad startups with a “learn & success” community seed planted.